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Best Payroll Software for Small Business

Ngpayroll’s payroll software is designed to fit the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses from various industries. Our software has the ability to manage everything from employees Payroll processing and tax documents, to all aspects of HR at multiple locations. What sets us apart from other payroll software is how core employee functionalities can be customized and assigned to admins based on user roles (HR, Team Lead, Supervisor etc..) or office location.

Payroll & HR Solutions Designed To Grow at The Speed of Your Business

Complete Employment Management

Manage and customize all aspects of your employees and contractors time, payroll processing, medical benefits and payroll processing.

Tax Document Management

Free up more of your time by allowing employees to access their pay history, pay stubs and W-2’s at their convenience. Employees can even submit time off requests on their own personal webpage or via our mobile app!

Custom User Management

Assign users and admin by role (Supervisor, Office manager, HR etc..) access type or location.

Time Management

Record all aspects of employees/contractor time, salary, bonus/commission structure and PTO.


Integrate seamlessly into Quick Books and your POS. You can utilize API's to connect with your other systems.

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