Have you protected your most valuable asset?

Every business needs business insurance. Insurance is necessary to protect your
property; the contents of your facility and it also serves to mitigate unknown risk and
unforeseen events. Sadly, we often overlook and neglect the importance of protecting
our ability to earn an income. If an employee or owner is unable to physically contribute
to the operation of their company, their income can end abruptly. Here are a few types
of insurance to consider for both the employees and ownership which help restore
cashflow in the midst of a crisis.

Protecting Clients and Their Ability to Generate Revenue

The single most leading cause for bankruptcy in the U.S. is related to medical costs. Underlying the epidemic is the inability of an individual to generate an income during a health crisis, thus resulting in uncontrolled debt. Hence the reason we emphasis our clients to protect their ability to generate revenue while running a business. None of us are exempt from dealing with life events and sometimes willpower is just not enough to help you navigate through a physical ailment or an emotional/mental health issue. A negative impact on your business can slow you down significantly or even cause your doors to shut all together.

A Payroll Solution For Your Business

Cost-Effective Payroll Services For All Businesses

Make payroll processing hassle-free with the help of Next Generation Payroll. Discuss your businesses needs with us and we will gladly work with you to develop a customized solution to help you to streamline your operations and improve administrative efficiency. Schedule a consultation today! Contact us to learn about the unique benefits we offer and what makes us different from the other payroll companies.

Our Core Solutions

Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability provides income replacement for injuries or illnesses that result in temporarily losing the ability to work.

Long-Term Disability

Long term disability provides income replacement for longer periods of time than short term disability.


customer success stories

  • review rating 5  Superior service and unparalleled commitment to doing what's best for their customers!

    thumb TJ MCDOW
  • review rating 5  Next Generation Payroll is an excellent and professional financial company. The President, Byron Jennings offers more than payroll services, and his assistance extends to financial planning, financial management, growing businesses, investments, and more. He is patient, kind spirited, informative, knowledgeable, and ahead in technology and ideas. Next Generation Payroll prices for it's services beat out all other competitors. You won't leave with unanswered questions or uneasiness in doing business with this great company.

    thumb Raquel Jones
  • review rating 5  I’ve been working with Next Generation Payroll for about a month now and I must say this a great company. They are Convenient, Reliable, and Affordable. This company will go above and beyond to make sure your business is moving forward in the right direction! I was always told if you want your business to grow invest in it and I must say Next Generation Payroll has been a great investment for me!!

    thumb On the go Labs
  • review rating 5  Bryon Jennings gives wonderful, personalized service! He has lots of ideas for helping my business grow and lots of contacts to help connect the dots. He's the only businessperson I know of who keeps the same crazy hours as I do. Next Generation Payroll is delivering the kind of service that I was promised by larger competitors who fell short of my expectations. I'm so happy to have Bryon and Next Generation on my team.

    thumb Brenda Laurent

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