Why You Shouldn’t Keep Customers Waiting and How Route Planning Software Can Help

The biggest problem facing any industry that is required to go to the customer's location is that people are becoming increasingly impatient. A survey sponsored by Interparcel out of the UK found that 50% of Brits admitted to becoming more impatient in the past 5 years. While it’s no surprise that patience is waning in our society, there are ways to monitor and measure customer satisfaction, and also improve the accuracy of your daily schedules. When you are a delivery company or…

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Transition From Employee To Entrepreneurship

Starting The Path of Entrepreneurship Make up your mind that you are going to be one or the other and don’t look back. Decide if you are going to be an entrepreneur for the rest of your life or an employee who will work for someone else. Choose to grow up the corporate ladder, accept a position that provides security, certainty, and a cushy salary. The alternative is a position that has no glass ceiling, no person to report too, unfathomable earning…

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